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Characterstics of product

Selected imported super-soft latex paper as base paper. Excellent water and oil resistance, excellent softness. Suitable for both dry and wet sanding.

The special processed latex paper characterized with high smooth coating, which lead to high flatness of the grain surface. And the work-piece grinded by it gets better surface finish without scratches.

Special processed abrasive grains can effectively avoid accidental scratching, good use effects.

Main application

Primary paint polishing, paint surface finishing.

Defect fixes for automatic electrophoresis paint and halfway paint.


Standard size: 230mm*280mm;

Sheets and roll in other size are available.


Standard girt: P 3000-P60:

Non-Standard sizes can be produced according to customer’s requirement.


Standard packing: 50pieces/sleeve, 1000pieces/carton

Other packages are available.